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  Justice Minister Bill Gillis today announced the
  appointments of a new superintendent and deputy
  superintendent for the Shelburne Youth Centre. Both
  appointments are effective immediately.
  Randall J. McQuade has been appointed superintendent of the
  centre. Mr. McQuade has a master of science degree from the
  University of Alabama, with a major in criminal justice, and
  has a BA from Saint Mary's University, Halifax. He has been
  acting deputy superintendent, at the facility since November
  and was a former unit supervisor at the Nova Scotia Youth
  Centre in Waterville. He has had extensive training in
  security and program related areas, including critical
  incident stress and post traumatic stress disorders.
  Appointed deputy superintendent Stephen Adrian Timmons. Mr.
  Timmons has a BA in sociology from Acadia University and a
  BSc in physical education from the University College of
  Cape Breton. Mr. Timmons has been an acting supervisor at
  the Shelburne centre for the past three years. He has also
  had additional training in non-violent crisis intervention
  and suicide intervention.
  "These individuals are highly qualified, and very competent,
  and I am extremely pleased with the calibre of the
  candidates we are appointing," said Dr. Gillis. "Their
  leadership will ensure this facility is operated safely and
  The Shelburne Youth Centre provides open and secure custody
  for 60 male and female young offenders, with a staffing
  level of approximately 100. The centre houses young
  offenders aged 12 to 17.
  Contact: Michele McKinnon  902-424-6811
  trp                       Dec. 18, 1995