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  Agriculture and Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet has
  announced the awarding of two tenders for the supply and
  placement of quarried rock for marshland protection in River
  Hebert and Colchester County areas of the province.
  Vaughn Melanson Trucking and Excavating of Amherst, with a
  bid of $64,505 was the lowest of four bids received for the
  supply and placement of 11,000 tonnes of quarried rock in
  the River Hebert area of Cumberland County.
  In the Colchester County area Ian Sinclair Contracting
  Services Limited of Truro was the lowest of five bids
  received for the supply and placement of 13,000 tonnes of
  quarried rock. Their bid was for $124,968.
  The rock is used to protect dykes from wave action damage
  due to storms or high tides, and for agricultural streambank
  The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing
  currently maintains 240 kilometres of dyke and 260 aboiteau
  structures which protect over 17,000 hectares of
  agricultural land as well as protecting communities, such as
  Truro, from flooding.
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  trp                     Dec. 19, 1995