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  The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and
  Communications and Halifax County Municipality have agreed
  to provide uniform winter road service to residents in two
  areas of Halifax County. The agreement, for this winter
  season only, will see the municipality provide full winter
  service to 19 kilometres of local streets previously
  serviced by the province. In return, the province will
  provide full winter service to almost 14 kilometres of "new"
  municipal streets.
  Under the agreement, winter service to all streets owned by
  the province in the Kingswood, Kingswood West, Uplands Park,
  and Blue Mountain Estates will be provided by the Town of
  Bedford. Service to the Spider Lake Road Subdivision, and
  the portion of the Forest Hills Subdivision bordering on
  Flying Cloud Drive will be provided by the City of
  Dartmouth. Bedford and Dartmouth are providing these
  services in a separate agreement with Halifax County
  In exchange, the province will service new streets the
  municipality has taken control of this fiscal year.
  Transportation and Communications Minister Richie Mann
  expressed his satisfaction that an arrangement had been
  made. "This is a unique agreement because it does not
  involve contracting for service, it is simply an exchange of
  service that benefits everyone involved," said Mr. Mann.
  "This will also provide a smooth transition as road
  exchanges are negotiated during the amalgamation process."
  Residents will see uniform service because the same snow
  removal equipment will service all of a given street or
  area. This will also significantly reduce the cost to the
  municipality because it is now providing service to a more
  concentrated portion of streets. The province benefits
  because it allows for uniform winter service for the areas
  under the agreement.
  Residents who live in the areas covered by the agreement
  will soon be supplied with an information pamphlet that
  details the service and phone numbers for their district.
  Contact: Public Affairs and Communications  902-424-8687
  trp                       Jan. 03, 1996