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  The Province of Nova Scotia will seek a meeting with new
  federal Fisheries Minister Fred Mifflin "at the earliest
  opportunity" to discuss the issue of fees proposed by the
  Coast Guard for navigational aids, Transportation and
  Communications Minister Richie Mann said today.
  Mr. Mann indicated that, while he had received assurances
  from former acting minister David Dingwall that a review of
  the Coast Guard proposal would be conducted with the focus
  on international competitiveness, he has followed up with a
  letter to the new minister.
  "We understand that the minister has a heavy schedule of
  briefings on a great range of issues, but I want to ensure
  that the question of marine fees -- and their threat to
  Atlantic Canada's place in international shipping -- is high
  on his agenda," Mr. Mann said.
  Mr. Mann has requested an early meeting with Mr. Mifflin for
  a delegation representing Nova Scotia port interests,
  including business and labour communities.
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  trp                      Jan. 26, 1996 - 2:55 p.m.