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It's a simple question. But there is no simple answer.

Why would anyone hurt someone they claim to love? They shouldn't.
But unfortunately family violence continues to affect the lives
of too many people. Statistics Canada says three in ten married
women, one in four children and one in fourteen seniors deal with
it each year.

While research shows that 96 per cent of Nova Scotians are
concerned about family violence there is a need to designate a
specific time to place emphasis on ways to prevent it.

As part of the goal to raise awareness of family violence and
erase those disturbing figures Premier John Savage has proclaimed
February 11-17, 1996 as the second annual Family Violence
Prevention Week. The theme this year is "You Never Hurt The One
You Love."

Family Violence Prevention Week begins at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday,
February 11 with the reading of a proclamation by Premier Savage. 
The premier will then participate in a bell-ringing ceremony at
St. Paul's Anglican Church in Halifax.  This will represent a
"call to action" in efforts to prevent family violence.  Similar
ceremonies will take place throughout the province
simultaneously. Law enforcement officers will also acknowledge
the beginning of the week by turning on their sirens.

Key events planned for the week include the release of the audio
tape and guides, "Positive and Healing Stories of and for Women
Survivors of Violence" on Monday February 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the
Unitarian Church, 5500 Inglis Street Halifax. The tape and guides
were produced by "Jane's Fund" - Jane Hurshman Memorial Fund. 
Another highlight will be the benefit performance for the
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia of the play  "Like A
Little Candle" by Sheree Fitch which will be staged at the Sir
James Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre at 8:00 p.m. on
Tuesday, February 13.

Other events planned by local community groups for the week
include open forums, the declaration of some areas as zero
tolerance toward family violence, theatre performances, essay
contests, production of a video and parent-child discussions.

There is no secret ingredient for ending something as pervasive
and shattering as family violence.  Awareness of the issue is
definitely the first step in recognizing its existence and
leading to its demise.  The second step is responding
appropriately so the victim feels supported and believed.

It's hoped all Nova Scotians will become more involved in the
campaign against violence during Family Violence Prevention Week
and keep this knowledge and commitment to end it with them


EDITORS NOTE: For more information on events during Family
Violence Prevention Week in the province call 902-424-4492 for a
list of interagencies involved in activities.

Contact: Judy Hughes,  Coordinator, Family Violence Prevention
902-424-2079 (Phone)
902-424-0502 (Fax)

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