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  Agriculture Minister Wayne Gaudet, and Deputy Minister
  Arnold Rovers, will be meeting with Nova Scotia dairy,
  poultry and egg producers along with senior representatives
  of Dairy Farmers of Canada, Canadian Chicken Marketing
  Agency and Canadian Egg Marketing Agency, today (Wednesday
  Feb. 14).
  They will be discussing the threat posed to Canada, and in
  particular, Nova Scotia's agricultural economy, by the U.S.
  NAFTA challenge of Canada's right to convert import quotas
  into tariff equivalents for dairy, poultry and egg products.
  The minister and deputy minister, along with industry
  representatives will comment on the trade challenge and the
  potential consequences for Canada and Nova Scotia at 2 p.m.
  in the boardroom of the Nova Scotia Department of
  Agriculture and Marketing, Joseph Howe Building, 7th Floor,
  1690 Hollis Street, Halifax.
  Contact: Jack Johnson  902-895-0036
  trp                    Feb. 14, 1996 - 10:10 a.m.