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  Nova Scotia made its first move to enter the living rooms of
  the German consumer market with an eight-page insert in the
  next edition of GEO Special, the upscale German equivalent
  of National Geographic Traveller. The insert, which will
  appear in a special Canada edition, also marks a new phase
  of marketing the province in Germany.
  Over the last five years, marketing officials have worked to
  ensure Nova Scotia is recognized as a choice nature-based
  destination by the German travel industry. Marketing efforts
  have included familiarization tours and working with tour
  wholesalers and international partners both in Europe and
  here at home.
  Additional exposure Nova Scotia gained as a result of last
  summer's G7 Summit also helped raise Nova Scotia's profile.
  "We have now reached a level of recognition to aggressively
  sell our tourism product directly to the German consumer,"
  said Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison.
  The GEO insert features colourful photos and text,
  highlighting each of the province's scenic travelways,
  festivals, outdoor adventure, culture and diverse landscape.
  A relief map of Nova Scotia created in partnership with the
  College of Geographic Sciences enhances the insert, giving a
  detailed representation of the variable terrain of the
  "Nova Scotia is becoming a choice travel destination for
  Europeans and we are confident our efforts will result in
  increased German visitation," the minister said.
  Figures from the Canada Tourism Commission and Tourism Nova
  Scotia indicate the number of German visitors to Nova Scotia
  is on the upswing. Last year 9,000 Germans visited Nova
  Scotia, a 29 per cent increase over 1994, making it the
  fastest-growing European market.
  As a tourism marketing consultant in Germany and the
  translator for the Nova Scotia insert, Stefan Much says Nova
  Scotia is sure to stimulate the interest of GEO readers.
  "The Nova Scotia insert is like a personal invitation to
  come share and enjoy what Nova Scotia so proudly offers,"
  said Mr. Much. "I am convinced many of the more than two
  million GEO Special readers will feel the same way."
  Air access to Nova Scotia is integral to the growing
  overseas market. From May through October 1996, a total of
  63,920 seats will be available to Halifax from Europe. This
  is a combined capacity from Air Transat, Canada 3000,
  Icelandair and Air Canada.
  GEO Special has a circulation of 280,000 and hit newsstands
  in Europe last week.
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