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Nova Scotia consumers will have assurances that the meat they are
buying is inspected through the new Inspection and Sale of Meat
and Meat Products Act, introduced today by Agriculture and
Marketing Minister Wayne Gaudet.

The Meat Inspection Act of 1984, which established voluntary meat
inspection, will be replaced with this new mandatory inspection

"The new Inspection and Sale of Meat and Meat Products Act
requires that all meat and meat products sold in places such as
grocery stores, corner stores, bought from peddlers, or served in
school cafeterias or in restaurants be inspected meat," said Mr.

"We expect to see that market opportunities will expand as
consumers recognize the quality of meat and meat products we
produce and market here," he said.

Under the act, all meat plants and meat processing plants
involved in retail sales will be required to be licensed. There
will be a three year phase-in period from the date the act is
proclaimed for plants to achieve appropriate construction

The act also provides for the freedom of choice for consumers by
enabling producers to continue their direct farmgate sales of
meat to their customers. In other words, consumers can purchase
meat for their own use, not for resale, from a farmer at the

"In these direct sales, the consumer generally knows the producer
and the quality of the product and wants to continue to purchase
their meat this way," said Mr. Gaudet "The act will provide for

The act also provides for the continuation of a Meat Inspection
Board which will provide advice and hear appeals related to the
licensing of plants under this act.

The act has been developed as a result of numerous consultations
with industry.


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