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The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design is throwing a
birthday party at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 10, at its location
on 1683 Barrington Street, Halifax. The celebration, complete
with cake, light refreshments, and a fiddler, will be hosted by
Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern, and all teachers,
exhibitors, planners, technicians, and supporters from the
general public, are invited to attend.

The centre, open since March 1991, helps the craft and design
sector strengthen its place in the local economy.

In 1995 96, the centre had over 25,000 visitors, and offered
approximately 100 different classes and workshops.

Some of the achievements of the centre are:

it conducted the first course for independent gallery curators in
Nova Scotia; it is the regular home for the Nova Scotia
Architects Association's Lieutenant-Governor's Awards for
Architecture annual exhibition; it was instrumental in bringing
together the design sector to form the organization Design in
Business Nova Scotia, that links professionals as various as
fashion; graphic, interior, architectural, industrial,
engineering, and handcraft design.


Contact: Donna MacDonald  902-424-2615

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