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For the second year, Nova Scotia employers, parents and schools
are invited to take part in a program that encourages girls and
young women to take a close look at today's workforce, with a
view to preparing themselves for tomorrow.

Take Our Daughters to Work Day, celebrated on the last Thursday
in April in cities across North America, takes place April 25.

"Women have made enormous strides in entering all kinds of
careers that were once limited to men, but we need to remember
that there is still a very high concentration of women in just a
few fields. Girls today need exposure to career choices that did
not exist for their mothers, or for that matter, their fathers,"
said Eleanor Norrie, minister responsible for the Status of

Women's participation in the labour force throughout their lives
has become increasingly essential, she said. The majority of
mothers with children under school age are in the work force,
according to the statistical handbook on women released recently
by the Province's Women's Directorate. Thus both mothers and
fathers are important role models for their daughters' future at

"Women nowadays work for the same reason that men always have: to
provide for the necessities for their families. Girls now make
educational and career decisions with 30 years of paid work in
mind. It is all the more important that they choose from the
widest range of career options possible," the minister said.

While the day focuses on young women and their future careers, it
also gives boys an opportunity to learn about the limitations
that stereotypes impose on both women and men. There is no doubt
that boys need to prepare themselves to take a more active role
than they once did in all aspects of family life, Ms. Norrie

"Take Our Daughters to Work Day depends on cooperation, and I
particularly appreciate Education and Culture Minister John
MacEachern's support of the program," Ms. Norrie said.

The event also gives employers and schools a chance to cooperate,
providing employers with an opportunity to foster a positive work
environment for women; and most importantly, giving girls a
hands-on chance to see their fathers and mothers in action in the
work place.

Employers, school boards and schools across the province have
been sent information on how they can organize their own Take Our
Daughters to Work Day activities.


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