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The Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design is throwing a
birthday party at 7:30 p.m. tonight, at its location on 1683
Barrington Street, Halifax.

The celebration will be hosted by Education and Culture Minister
John MacEachern, and all teachers, exhibitors, planners,
technicians, and supporters from the general public, are invited
to attend.

Cake and light refreshments will be available and a fiddler will
be on hand to get the celebration going. The centre will also be
holding an "Open House" with the Mary E. Black Gallery, showroom,
and studios will be open for viewing.

The centre was officially opened March 28, 1991, as a means of
developing and promoting craft and design in Nova Scotia. Since
then, it has been the catalyst behind major craft and design
forums in Nova Scotia and has helped to redefine and shape the
future of this industry.

"Over the past five years we have seen the craft and design
industry flourish and grow," said Education and Culture Minister
John MacEachern. "The centre has been the focal point in
recognizing and building the entrepreneurial spirit of the crafts
and design community, reinforcing the community's place in our
local economy."

The multi-use development facility of the Nova Scotia Centre for
Craft and Design is the first of its kind in Canada. While the
centre does not sell work, it  displays the works of Nova Scotia
artist - craftspeople and designers and acts as a showcase for
the best work. It also offers instructional craft and design
classes, as well as various trade literature and local product
information. The centre consists of The Mary E. Black Gallery, a
showroom, teaching studios for weaving, pottery, jewellery,
woodworking, and a general multi-purpose studio.

Each year the centre hosts six original exhibitions in the
gallery, displaying the work of approximately 150 designers and
artist - craftspeople, and the showroom presents the work of
about 200 commercial craft producers. In addition, the studios
offer roughly 100 different classes and workshops yearly,
yielding close to 9,500 hours of instruction. As well, the centre
is popular as a visitor centre, with visits growing from 10,500
in 1991, to over 25,000 in 1995.

The Centre for Craft and Design is also responsible for several
off-site programs such as the Atlantic Craft Trade Shows, and
craft/design grants and assistance programs throughout Nova

This summer the centre, in partnership with the Discovery Centre,
Neptune Theatre, and Halifax Dance, will be offering its first
arts/science summer school for children aged nine to 12.


Contact: Chris Tyler  902-424-4062

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