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The Department of Health announced today the Community Health
Promotion Fund (CHPF) grant program will again be offered for

"Many community groups, service clubs, schools and recreation
departments have received funding through the Community Health
Promotion Fund to conduct very worthwhile projects in their
communities," said Health Minister Ron Stewart. "We are very
pleased to continue with this successful program."

Community Health Promotion Fund projects can receive up to $5,000
and must be sponsored by non-profit organizations. Projects tend
to fall within eight categories: tobacco reduction, nutrition,
active living, sexual health, healthy environment, mental health,
health equity and self help.

The projects further address the determinants of health which are
broad issues such as: social support, income and status,
education, employment, physical environment, personal health
practices and coping skills, genetic endowment, healthy childhood
development and health services.

Funded projects are selected by regional review committees. These
volunteer committees receive all the applications for their area
and are responsible for the selection of funded projects.

In 1995/96, 107 projects received over $360,000 towards local
health promotion projects in communities throughout Nova Scotia.
The central region funded 32 projects for over $145,000; the
eastern region funded 16 projects for $67,000; the northern
region funded 20 projects for over $62,000; the western region
provided $86,000 to fund 39 projects.

The program is funded by the Department of Health and
administered through the regional Public Health Services

Since its inception in 1990-91, the Community Health Promotion
Fund has assisted many people throughout the province. More than
560 projects have been funded with the main purpose of improving
the health of Nova Scotians.

The next deadline for application submissions for the fund is
June 7.

More information can be obtained from local public health


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