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Nova Scotia's aerospace industry is poised for takeoff with the
formation of  the Aerospace Industry Association of Nova Scotia
(AIANS). The aerospace association will work in partnership with
government to develop a strategy to increase exports and create

Economic Renewal Minister Robbie Harrison, together with the Hon.
Lawrence MacAulay, Secretary of State (Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency and Veterans), today announced that the
Canada Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic
Diversification would contribute $452,600 toward the start-up
costs of the $1.2 million initiative. Mr. Harrison made the
announcement at the Aerospace Industry Association of Canada's
executive committee meeting, in Halifax, the first time its been
held in Atlantic Canada.

AIANS will assist Nova Scotia firms in taking advantage of growth
within the rebounding aerospace sector, particularly in
commercial aviation. Its membership is expected to include a
minimum of 50 Nova Scotian companies, directly or indirectly
supporting the aerospace industry.

"We're proud of our leading high tech facilities and the world
class skills that characterize the Nova Scotia industry. We're
looking for the chance to show them off and to create jobs and
prosperity here," said Mr. Harrison. "We think that Nova Scotia's
aerospace sector, and its 2,000 employees, deserve more. AIANS is
the ideal vehicle for them to use to make the most of their
increasing opportunities."

AIANS plans to market Nova Scotia aerospace products and services
to a global market through trade shows and exhibits as well as
provide workshops for its members on strategic marketing, foreign
business practices and financing.

"The federal government's new Industry Portfolio, of which ACOA
is an integral part, has strategic priorities which include
technology and innovation," said Mr. MacAulay. "Clearly the
aerospace industry is a key component of this. By helping to
develop the Nova Scotia aerospace industry, we are helping to
create as many as 2,000 potential new jobs and profits for many
local companies."

Federal government studies show the aerospace industry growing
significantly, despite worldwide defence cuts. Commercial
aviation is picking up with airlines looking to replace aging
fleets and needing highly skilled and well-trained personnel.


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         Julia Watt, ACOA,   902-426-9304

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