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A court facilities master plan, which will provide advice on the
replacement or renovation of court facilities throughout the
province, will be developed during the next six months.

John K. Dobbs & Associates Architects and Facility Planners--in
partnership with Ojolick Associates --- will work with the
Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation and
Public Works in developing the plan.

In March, 1995, Justice Minister Bill Gillis announced that
planning would begin for a 10-year initiative to upgrade court

The consultant will review the program requirements for courts
and justice-related offices. An assessment will be made of
whether present facilities will be part of the new plan, and
locations will be identified where facilities should be built or
acquired. The consultant will also work with government in
determining priorities for court construction/renovation. As
well, the consultants will provide solutions regarding capital
development and estimates regarding operating costs.

On April 1, the province assumed responsibility for all costs
associated with the administration of justice as part of the
Municipal Service Exchange. As a result, the province assumed
ownership of a number of court facilities previously owned by
municipalities. The province also leases additional space for
court and justice offices. Standards vary in court facilities
across the province. The minister said the development and
implementation of a courthouse renovation program is needed to
meet current operational needs and to provide appropriate court
facilities well into the 21st century.

"We are working with some facilities that were designed over a
century ago," said Mr. Gillis. "Our goal is to improve the
service delivery for clients today, and into the future."

"Public/private partnerships allow government to draw on the
expertise available in the private sector," said Transportation
and Public Works Minister Richie Mann. "Through this process, we
are able to seek new and innovative solutions to planning, design
and financing."

A master plan is expected to be completed by early fall.


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