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Local administrator and teacher Don Trider has been appointed
superintendent of the Metro-Halifax Regional School Board.  Dr.
Trider, currently the chief executive officer of the Halifax
County-Bedford District School Board, will begin his duties with
the new board as soon as possible.

Amalgamation coordinator Dr. Len Williams, who announced the
appointment on behalf of the local amalgamation committee today,
said Dr. Trider's experience and knowledge of local education
issues will be a definite asset as he takes the helm of what will
be the province's largest regional school board.

Dr. Trider began his career as a teacher in the Dartmouth
District Board and progressed through the system to
vice-principal, and principal before becoming subsystem
supervisor for the county in 1978. In 1989, Dr. Trider was
appointed superintendent of educational services for the county
and assumed responsibility for 33,000 students and a workforce of
2,500 as CEO of the board in 1994.

Dr. Trider received his Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of
Education and a Masters in Arts in Education from Dalhousie. In
1983, he was awarded a sabbatical leave to pursue doctorial
studies at the University of Toronto. In 1995, Dr. Trider
completed his thesis on Factors Influencing the Policy
Implementation Behaviour of Principals and received his Doctor of
Education. Dr. Trider has researched and published other articles
on this topic and has presented papers in Canada and the United

Dr. Williams also noted Dr. Trider's involvement in the
development of a provincially and nationally recognized policy on
race relations, cross cultural understanding and human rights.  
"Dr. Trider has initiated a number of innovative,
community-orientated programs. This, combined with his approach
to education and management will enable him to pilot the new
regional board into the 21st century," said Dr. Williams. 

In addition to serving on a number of professional and non-profit
associations, Dr. Trider has participated on ministerial advisory
committees on home schooling, junior and senior high school
public school programs and the department's task force on fine

Dr. Trider was selected following the same rigorous screening
process used to hire all superintendents.  Advertisements were
placed nationally, applicants were short-listed and candidates
were interviewed by all members of the local amalgamation
committee, as well as representatives from the Department of
Education and Culture. Interview questions focused on leadership
and management, operational management, communications and
interpersonal skills, knowledge and background in educational
issues and personal and professional adaptiveness.


Contact:  Dr. Len Williams 902-424-3811

jlw                        April 22, 1996     5:30 p.m.