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Top student entrepreneurs from across Atlantic Canada are coming
to Halifax for the second annual Young Entrepreneurs Going Places
Conference, April 25 - 27, at the World Trade and Convention
Centre and Park Lane Mall.

Over 300 business people will be joining the young entrepreneurs.
For the first two days of the conference, participants from
Atlantic Canada will come together to learn from each other, to
participate in entrepreneurial challenges, and to hear from
experts. Last year's conference was a huge success and this
year's is already proving to be even bigger. The conference has
doubled in size and is now the largest young entrepreneurial
event organized in Atlantic Canada.

Business people will be sharing their tables during both the
business luncheon and the gala dinner to talk business with young
entrepreneurs and to discuss their insights into operating a
successful business. Students will have a chance to put their
skills to work and to sell their wares to the public at the trade
fair, the last day of the conference.

The Young Entrepreneurs Going Places Conference is designed to
challenge youth with an opportunity to engage in a new approach
in developing values, attitudes, skills and knowledge appropriate
for our changing world. Students will go through an
entrepreneurial Olympics as an ice breaker the first night of the
conference to gear up for Friday's full day of interactive
business sessions.

Friday's highlights include the business luncheon with guest
speaker Frank O'Dea, founder of the Second Cup chain of coffee
shops. The gala awards dinner, sponsored by the Royal Bank, will
feature top entrepreneurial students who will be awarded prizes.
Friday evening features comedy star Cathy Jones and the group,
Great Big Sea.

The third and last day of the conference is open to the public
and offers students a chance to sell their wares during the trade
fair, sponsored by MT&T at Park Lane Mall from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Trade fair Awards will be presented at the end of the fair.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development is the
host of the conference. The centre's vision is one of a vibrant,
dynamic, self-reliant, entrepreneurial culture; and, our mission
is to nurture entrepreneurship in young people by undertaking,
creating, coordinating, and acting as a catalyst in the areas of:
Entrepreneurship Education, Professional Development, Community
Entrepreneurship, Research and Program Design.


Contact: Maryanne McLorie  902-424-7246 or 1-800-590-8481

         902-456-3214 (during conference)

trp                   Apr. 24, 1996 - 8:50 a.m.