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The Standing Committee on Human Resources has approved the 11
members of Le Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial.

Acadian and Francophone governance policy advisor Allister
Surette said the appointments will be forwarded to Lieutenant
Governor James Kinley for final approval next week.

"We have been working hard to develop a plan to support
excellence for Acadian and Francophone students and to preserve
our culture," said Mr. Surette. "Once le conseil is officially in
place, we can now move forward and implement our plans."

Along with newly appointed superintendent Rejean Sirois, board
members will direct the activities of Nova Scotia's first
province-wide Acadian and Francophone school board. Like regional
school boards, le conseil will be responsible for staffing,
operations and ensuring Acadian and Francophone students across
Nova Scotia receive quality French-first language programming.

To ensure representation from Acadian and Francophones across the
province, the department identified eight regions. The
composition of le conseil reflects the interests of these regions
and brings together a mix of parents, educators and experienced
school board members. Ten of the 11 members took part on the
amalgamation committee to establish le conseil and six of the 10
members are currently elected school board representatives.

"Le conseil will benefit from the experience and representation
of its members," said Mr. Surette. "These individuals have been
committed to le conseil from the beginning and will now have an
opportunity to represent their communities and their culture."

The following individuals will make up the first Conseil Scolaire
Acadien Provincial: Delina Comeau and Louise Doull, members of
the Conseil Scolaire-Clare Argyle, representing Clare; Louis
d'Entremont, member of the Conseil Scolaire-Clare Argyle,
representing Argyle; Jean-Bernard d'Entremont, representing
Argyle; Ronald Bourque and Francine Comeau, members of the
Conseil d'ecole du Grand-Havre, representing Halifax/Dartmouth;
Dominic Marchand, member of the Richmond County District School
Board; representing Richmond, Louis Cormier, elected
representative for the parents of the R.C. Gordon Francophone
School, representing Kings; Alfred Benoit, elected representative
of the parents of the Pomquet School, representing Antigonish
County; Wilfred Aucoin, elected representative for the parents of
Ecole NDA, Inverness County; Louise Marchand, elected
representative of the parents of Ecole Cornwallis, Cape Breton


NOTE TO EDITORS: There is an accent aigu on the first "e" in
ecole (Conseil d'ecole du Grand-Havre, Ecole NDA, Ecole
Cornwallis) and on the first "e" in Rejean (Rejean Sirois).

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