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The provincial government will be consulting Nova Scotians, over
a three week period beginning the end of May, to get input on the
beliefs and principles upon which a cultural policy for Nova
Scotia should be founded, Education and Culture Minister John
MacEachern announced today.

A discussion paper, "Developing a Cultural Policy for Nova Scotia
- What do we believe in?," released today by the minister
presents a series of ideas, poses questions and suggests a number
of principles which could be incorporated into a cultural policy.

The paper was developed in consultation with about 150
individuals representing a broad cross section of interests,
including those people active in cultural activities, community
development and government. The policy being developed will span
the arts, cultural industries, heritage and multicultural arts.

"Nova Scotians' pride in their cultural heritage helps to keep
our province strong," Mr. MacEachern said, "but few of us realize
the extent to which arts and culture contribute to the provincial

A study conducted in 1992 estimated that arts and culture
contribute an estimated $164 million to the provincial economy,
employing between 3,700 and 4,000 people, the vast majority year
round. The study also found that for every $1. that the province
committed to the culture sector, nearly $3. came back into the

Provincial funding to the culture sector comes from a number of
government programs administered by different departments.

The need to establish a policy to guide government decisions and
actions which impact on the development of cultural activities is
a long standing one, and "now is being addressed in consultation
with all Nova Scotians," the minister said. "Nova Scotians have a
real stake in how government supports culture and heritage in
this province and they should have a say in shaping the policy
under which future government decisions in this area will be

Nine public meetings will be held between May 29 and June 12 to
enable Nova Scotians to present their responses to the issues and
ideas contained in the discussion paper. Those responses will
help to shape Nova Scotia's first cultural policy.

The discussion paper deals with issues impacting on all Nova
Scotians, as well as those that are of interest to those
specifically involved in cultural activities. A number of ideas
and suggested principles are presented for public response, with
other comments invited.

Nova Scotians may participate in the consultation process by
attending a public meeting in their area, by returning their
comments where appropriate in the discussion paper, or by
preparing a submission on their own topics and concerns and
sending it to the Cultural Affairs Division of the department.
All submissions should be received by July 15, 1996.

Public meetings will be held as follows: Liverpool, May 29;
Yarmouth, May 30; Dartmouth (Westphal), June 3; Antigonish, June
4; Sydney, June 5; Baddeck, June 6; Truro, June 10; Wolfville,
June 11 and Halifax, June 12.

Copies of the Discussion Paper are available from the Nova Scotia
Government Bookstore by calling 424-7580 or 1-800-526-6575. It
can also be accessed on the Department of Education and Culture
web site at


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