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The task force on Services to the Black Communities in Nova
Scotia has retained the services of a facilitator.

Dr. Wanda Thomas-Bernard of Dartmouth will begin her duties in
various sectors of the province along with her support staff. She
is a graduate of the Maritime School of Social Work and holds a
Ph.D from the University of Sheffield, England.

The facilitator's responsibility is to gather data in Black
communities around the province relative to the delivery of
government services. An effort will be made to determine how the
services can be improved or whether other services are required.
This aspect of the task force mandate will end on May 31, with a
final report to be presented shortly after the completion of this

A questionnaire has been mailed to Black organizations, churches,
other groups and individuals. "Our intention is not to miss
anyone out there," said Clotilda Yakimchuk, of Sydney, task force
co-chair." The questionnaire is confidential and will only be
used for the purposes of this task force," she said.

A telephone answering service (1-800-305-1036) is in operation
for those wishing to call with concerns, constructive criticism,
or comments. In Halifax metro, the number is 424-0091.

"We hope we will be swamped with calls", Mrs. Yakimchuk said,
we as a task force will do our best to learn from the comments
and to use the information accordingly".

The numbers are available 24-hours a day, until the end of May.


Contact: Clotilda Yakimchuk  902-562-7280

         Geraldine Browning  902-582-7062

trp                    May 09, 1996 - 9:20 a.m.