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Additional funding will be provided to complete the construction
of the La Picasse francophone centre in Petit de Grat, Richmond

The announcement was made today by the provincial Department of
Education and the federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

The Department of Education and Culture will provide an
additional $225,000 and the Department of Canadian Heritage will
contribute another $675,000 to complete construction of a
community library, a learning centre, and other facilities
associated with the project.

In conjunction with the funding commitment, the province has
requested a joint-use agreement with the community group steering
the project to outline the roles and responsibility for the
operation of the facility.

In keeping with arrangements made with other learning centres
across the province, the Department of Education and Culture will
have clear title to the College de l'Acadie.


Contact: Lisa Bugden          902-424-2795

         Michel Latremouille  902-426-2458

NOTE TO EDITORS: There is an accent grave on the first "e" in
College (College de l'Acadie) and an accent aigu on the first "e"
in Latremouille (Michel Latremouille).

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