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Roscoe Construction Limited, Kentville, has been awarded the
tender by the Department of Education and Culture to construct
the new Hebbville Middle School in Lunenburg County. The company
submitted a bid of $7,997,040, the lowest of the nine bids

The two-storey school is designed to equip each of the 26
classrooms with computer connections, television monitors, a
two-way intercom system and a state-of-the-art video retrieval
system, allowing teachers to access educational programs without
leaving the classroom.

In addition, the school will have a music room, science rooms,
special education and resource rooms, family studies and
technical education rooms, a computer room, gymnasium, cafeteria,
kitchen and library. The public address, fire alarm and other
building systems will be fully automated and integrated,
reflecting the technological sophistication of the school and
maximizing safety for students.

The new school, scheduled to open in 1997, will be home to
approximately 700 students from grades five to nine, relieving
overcrowding in elementary schools in Hebbville, Newcombville and
Pentz. The middle school will be built on the same property as
Hebbville Elementary, allowing younger students to share in the
new school facilities.

The project will also benefit the local economy, providing
approximately 75 direct and 85 indirect jobs.

In 1992 $4.8 million was approved for additions and alterations
to the existing building. However, a study conducted by the then
Department of Supply and Services concluded a new school would be
more cost-effective in the long-term.


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