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Premier John Savage has returned from Scotland where he signed a
memorandum of understanding between Nova Scotia and three
northeast Scottish municipal councils.

The memorandum is expected to pave the way for business deals and
trade opportunities with the municipalities of Aberdeen,
Aberdeenshire and Moray. Aberdeen is the centre for Great
Britain's lucrative North Sea oil and gas industry.

Premier Savage said, "Nova Scotia's aim is to develop partnership
agreements between companies here and businesses in Scotland.
This could be a win-win for both sides. Through business
partnerships, Nova Scotia can be a gateway for Scottish companies
wishing to do business with Canada, the United States and Mexico. 
Nova Scotian companies could build partnerships in Scotland in
order to gain access to the European Community."

The memorandum contains a number of specific terms including:

-Provision of information, liaison and support to prospective
businesses interested in investment and business opportunities;

-Coordination and encouragement of trade missions between the two

-Establishment of a joint commission to oversee the
implementation of the agreement;

-Provision for and publicizing of business links within the
respective communities;

-Giving initial focus to business growth and cooperation within
the sectors of scientific research, agriculture production,
fisheries, food processing, environmental technology, and energy
related technology;

-Encouragement of tourism links between the two areas.

Premier Savage said it is important to establish formal links
with communities such as those in the Aberdeen area if investment
and trade opportunities are to be identified.

"It is vital that Nova Scotia pursue new trading partners. The
government's role is to make it easier for Nova Scotia businesses
to break into these new trade markets. Additional trade means a
stronger economy and new jobs for Nova Scotians."

A number of Nova Scotia business representatives were on hand for
the signing of the memorandum in Aberdeen.

Premier Savage also discussed trade during stops in both Northern
Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

In Belfast, the premier delivered the annual Timothy Eaton
Lecture at the Centre for Canadian Studies, at Queen's
University. Community economic development was the main theme of
the premier's remarks.

Premier Savage officially opened a conference on community
economic development, also at Queen's University and visited a
number of community economic development projects in the Belfast

The premier discussed trade and investment during a meeting with
the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

Before leaving for Scotland, the premier journeyed on to Dublin
for a private meeting with the President of Ireland, Mary

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