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Sport and Recreation Minister Jay Abbass has announced the
creation of a new board to support and promote Nova Scotia's
Canada Games team.

Effective immediately, the Canada Games Board will handle
responsibilities for the preparation and participation of Nova
Scotia teams in the Canada Games. The board will be comprised of
representatives from the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation
Commission and the province's sport community. 

"With the creation of the Canada Games board we will draw on the
advice and experience of sport administrators and former Canada
Games participants and coaches to prepare young Nova Scotian
athletes for the games," said Mr. Abbass.

"This new partnership between the Sport and Recreation Commission
and the province's sport community will increase the quality of
team preparation for the Canada Games and be a better use of our

The minster also appointed the first woman to the post of chef de
mission for Nova Scotia's Canada Games delegation. Nancy Spencer,
the chef de mission for the 1997 Games in Brandon, Manitoba is a
former Canada Games manager, mission staff member and assistant
chef de mission. 

"Nancy brings considerable talent, experience and enthusiasm to
the position," said Mr. Abbass. "We are very proud to select her
as the 1997 chef de mission and as the first woman to be named to
this position."

Ms. Spencer will also sit on the new Canada Games board while she
is chef de mission. Other Canada Games board members named by the
minister are former Olympic and Canada Games sailing coach, Brian
Todd; former Canada Games athlete, manager and Olympic official
Howard Jackson; and former Canada Games tennis competitor and
administrator Steve Stewart. They will serve four-year terms.
Other board members will be selected from around the province. 

In addition, the Sport and Recreation Commission and Sport Nova
Scotia will have permanent membership on the board, and their
current board representatives are Liz Pace and Scott Logan,

The members of the Canada Games board will be responsible for
many of the administrative and communication duties that were
previously handled by the commission. In addition, the board will
seek corporate funding for the Nova Scotia teams; use the Canada
Games to improve the development of sport in the province; and 
develop, implement and monitor Canada Games policy for Nova

"Sport Nova Scotia is proud to have been recognized by the
provincial government as a competent partner in developing our
Canada Games program." said Scott Logan of Sport Nova Scotia.
"This has tremendous potential to positively impact Nova Scotia
amateur sport."

The Sport and Recreation Commission will provide funding, retain
directional control and set goals for the board. The board will
have much of the responsibility and authority concerning Nova
Scotian teams competing in the Canada Games. 


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