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About Face?

About Face? opens at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia June 29 and
runs until Sept. 8.

About Face? reflects the mandate of the Education Gallery to
present visitors with opportunities to broaden their contact and
understanding of art so that their experience in other parts of
the AGNS will be enriched. This exhibition is designed to serve
as a companion to the exhibition Face Value Nova Scotian
Portraiture on display in the adjacent gallery.

Portraits are often the first kind of art viewers find
accessible, primarily because the subject matter begins with
something that is familiar - the face. For viewers this
familiarity offers comfort and enough curiosity to explore

About Face? Gives visitors the chance to examine aspects of
portraits in an interactive way. Visitors can manipulate
materials, examine objects, and contemplate ideas.

Organized by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the exhibition is
sponsored by Access Cable Television Limited and Halifax Cable.


Contact: Ann Marie McKinnon  902-424-8935

Arts Delight - A Summer School in the Arts for Children

"Arts Delight" offers a unique, creative, and fun-filled
experience for children.

With the sponsorship of TD Bank, and the support of The Daily
News, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has joined forces with other
arts organizations to offer a summer school of the arts for

The summer heats up with a jam-packed program of arts, movement,
clay, puppetry, and music - and much more! The gallery will
partner with Symphony Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia College of Art
and Design, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Irondale Ensemble
Project, Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, Jazz East, and
enthusiastic, talented, and creative educators and artists.

The summer lineup includes: July 2-5: Magical Mixes of Me,
Picture This; July 8-12: Sculpting Sound, Rhythms of the Day, the
Nature of Adornment; July 15-19: Musical Stories, History in the
Making; July 22-26: Mermaid Magic, All the World's a Stage; July
29-August 2: What a Relief!, Creative Sequence; August 5-9:
Characters to Life, the Song of the Source; August 12-16: Write
Me a Note, a Veritable Symphony; August 19-23: Symphonic Melody,
Visual Notes; August 26-30: It's Your Move, Construct Me a World.

The program is for children between the ages of 7 - 13. More
information may be obtained from AGNS at 902-424-3002.


Contact: Ann Marie McKinnon  902-424-8935

Annual General Meeting

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia will hold its annual general
meeting, Thursday, June 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the Windsor
Foundation Lecture Theatre. All members are welcome.


Contact: Ann Marie McKinnon  902-424-8935


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