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Education and Culture Minister John MacEachern announced today
the enhancement of the Prince Edward Scholarship from $1,500 to
$5,000 a year, making it the largest scholarship offered at the
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. The scholarship is awarded
annually to a graduating student in degree program at NSCAD.

By bringing the value of this scholarship into line with other
scholarships the province offers, Mr. MacEachern said, "It
represents important public support for an outstanding student
and helps to further the study of art and design in our

The scholarship was established by the province of Nova Scotia to
commemorate the June 1987 visit to the college of His Royal
Highness Prince Edward.

The 1996 winner of the scholarship will be recommended to the
minister in the late summer by the Prince Edward Scholarship
selection committee. The committee (Joan Stewart, chair; Dr. June
Buchanan, Bernard Riordon, and Elizabeth Sodero) will select the
successful candidate from a number of qualified applicants
recommended by the college's scholarship committee.


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trp                  June 05, 1996 - 3:30 p.m.