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In July the Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs will add
a new, user-friendly step to its assessment process in order to
move the province to yearly assessments with greater accuracy
than those conducted on the traditional three-year cycle. Last
fall the department announced it would conduct yearly property
assessments to generate assessments which reflect current market
trends and account for changing economic conditions.

The decision to move to yearly assessments also responded to
requests of appraisal firms, the business community and municipal

The first of the yearly assessments will occur in January 1997.
Both residential and commercial properties will be valued as of
January 1, 1995.

"Early in July of this year, Nova Scotia municipal governments
and ratepayers will receive their proposed 1997 assessment in the
mail," said John MacKay, executive director, Assessment Services,
Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs, "This will enable
them to discuss and review their proposed property assessments
before they are formally filed in January 1997."

"This prefiling is a break from tradition for the Department of
Housing and Municipal Affairs - a new service we're providing to
maximize the accuracy and stability of provincial assessments and
make the process more user friendly for ratepayers," said Mr.

There are two distinct benefits of the prefiling process, called
the "release of the preliminary roll" within the department.
First, ratepayers can review their proposed assessment notice in
July and discuss it with their regional assessor without having
to go through the process of filing an official appeal. By
discussing the proposed assessments in July, the expectation is
that there will be fewer formal appeals in January when the
actual assessment notices are mailed. Fewer formal appeals means
greater efficiency in the system and fewer hassles for

Secondly, assessment information provided by the Department of
Housing and Municipal Affairs is used by municipal governments to
determine municipal tax rates. By providing proposed assessments
to them in July, municipal governments will be able to more
effectively budget for the upcoming year.

Between now and the July mailout of the proposed assessments, the
department will communicate with commercial and residential
ratepayers, municipal governments and other stakeholders about
the July prefiling process.

For general information about the assessment process call


EDITORS NOTE: There is an error in the fact sheet which was
previously sent to your office. In the fact sheet entitled "How
Does Assessment Relate to Taxes," it says, if your assessment
went up from $50,000 to $51,000 (a 20% increase) and ... should
read ... (a 2% increase). A corrected version will follow by fax.

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