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Nova Scotia Premier John Savage said today the province applauds
the federal government's declaration of June 21 as national
Aboriginal Day.

"This is an important opportunity for all Canadians to recognize
the contributions made by the Indian, Inuit and Metis Nations to
the development of Canada," Premier Savage said. "It is an
occasion for us to learn more about the culture and heritage of
Canada's Aboriginal people, and especially the Mi'kmaq in Nova

Premier John Savage reaffirmed Nova Scotia's pledge to work in
partnership with the Mi'kmaq to redress the injustices of the
past through dedication to economic and social justice.

"The time has come for all Nova Scotians, indeed all Canadians,
to forge a new, lasting and honourable relationship with the
First Nations of this land, a relationship built on respect,
understanding and trust," said the premier.

"We all need to develop a deeper understanding of the native
community, and a greater empathy for the issues and problems
Aboriginal people face," Premier Savage said. "Learning about the
history, values and culture of the Mi'kmaq people not only helps
us to achieve these goals - it also puts us in touch with a very
rich and rewarding aspect of our cultural heritage."

In 1993 Nova Scotia set aside the month of October as "Mi'kmaq
History Month", focusing on the contributions of Nova Scotia's
native community. Premier Savage said he welcomed National
Aboriginal Day as an opportunity for people to broaden their
awareness of Canada's cultural heritage.


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