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Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie has announced that the
1996 moose licence draw will take place Wednesday, June 26, at
the Inverary Inn, Baddeck.

The draw for 200 licences is open to the public and will start at
1 p.m.

"Nearly 12,000 applications have been received for the draw this
year," said Mrs. Norrie. "That's down slightly from last year,
but consistent with the average number of applications received
each year since the moose hunt was reinstated in 1986."

The 200 successful applicants in the June 26 draw will be
eligible to hunt moose in October in Inverness and Victoria

Mrs. Norrie said that for the fourth consecutive year the moose 
season will be for 12 days, opening Thanksgiving Day, Monday,
Oct.14 and closing Saturday, Oct. 26, both dates inclusive.
Hunting is not permitted on Sundays.


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