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A tender has been awarded to Dexter Construction Limited to build
a connector between Glendale Drive extension, Lower Sackville and
Duke Street, Bedford.

The constructed road bed and gravel work involves about 5.5
kilometres, and will cost approximately $2 million. The connector
will be paved next year.

The section is phase two of the Highway 107 extension between
Burnside and Sackville. An overpass near the current Bedford
interchange at Highway 102 has already been constructed as part
of the connector. This overpass will also allow construction of
the connector and a diamond interchange to proceed without any
significant interruptions to traffic on Highway 102. Work is
scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

"The connector, when finished, will provide a transportation link
for the business and industrial centres in Bedford and
Sackville," said Transportation and Public Works Minister Richie
Mann. "It will also provide a direct access to Highway 102 and
will significantly relieve congestion on local roads."

Construction of the four-lane highway between Burnside, Bedford
and Sackville started with phase one in Burnside in 1992. A
12-kilometre section from Akerley Boulevard to the Highway 107
Bypass opened to traffic in December, 1993.


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trp                     June 19, 1996 - 10:30 a.m.