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Recently-advertised employment opportunities in the airline
industry are not likely to take off, warns the Nova Scotia
Department of Business and Consumer Services.

The tiny classified ad, which ran in local newspapers, included a
1-800 number and announced that airlines are now hiring for all
positions -- no training necessary. An operator on the toll-free
line requests an up-front fee of more than $100.

"This procedure is in violation of the Employment Agencies Act
which prohibits agencies from charging an advance fee in any
amount," said Barbara Jones Gordon, director of consumer and
commercial relations with the department.

Not only is the procedure illegal, it has proven fruitless for
those who have responded. At least a few Nova Scotians have paid
the fee by phone and have received nothing in return.

Firms which offer, for an advance fee, either to find employment
or to provide a list of employment opportunities for an applicant
thrive in a depressed economy.

"These days, it's inviting to jump at what seems like a great
opportunity," said Business and Consumer Services Minister Don
Downe. "But I caution consumers against paying any money in
advance, or giving their credit card number over the phone. If it
sounds too good to be true, it likely is."

The Department of Business and Consumer Services recommends that
consumers check with its consumer and commercial relations
division, Human Resources Development Canada, or the Better
Business Bureau before responding to such ads.


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         Barbara Jones Gordon  902-424-5079

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