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Premier John Savage said today he has asked provincial Auditor
General, Roy Salmon, to examine the accounts of Nova Scotia
Resources Limited.

"I welcome this opportunity to clear up any public misconceptions
about the accounts of this Crown corporation."

The premier has asked the auditor general to address the issue as
expeditiously as possible.

Following is Premier Savage's letter to the auditor general:

Mr. R. E. Salmon
Auditor General
1888 Brunswick Street
Suite 302
Halifax, NS.
B3J 3J9

Dear Mr. Salmon:
I request that you examine the accounts of Nova Scotia Resources
Limited, including the potential monetization of tax pools.
I would appreciate it if your findings could be reported as
expeditiously as possible.


Premier John Savage


Contact: David Harrigan  902-424-6600

trp                  Sept. 17, 1996 - 3:50 p.m.