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                             WILL BE AVAILABLE
In response to a recent recommendation by the province's Freedom
of Information review officer, the Department of Transportation
and Public Works will make available two technical reports on the
incineration project that failed to clean up the Sydney Tar

The reports, completed by R. V. Anderson Associates and
Consolidated Giroux Environment Inc., examined the technical
aspects of the equipment used in the incineration project. The
reports will be available through the Tar Ponds Clean-up office
in Sydney and at the Government Bookstore in Halifax early next

"The department is continuing to seek legal counsel on the review
officer's other recommendations regarding a preliminary legal
review," said Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe.
"Obviously we want to ensure that any information released would
not limit our future options because that's not in the best
interest of Nova Scotians."

A legal review of the project was initiated earlier this year to
determine whether there was any legal recourse with respect to
the $52 million spent on an incineration project under the
previous government administration.


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trp                  Sept. 26, 1996 - 4:40 p.m.