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Provincial and territorial ministers of social services will work
toward a common position to improve the situation of children in
poverty, said Community Services Minister John MacEachern today.

Mr. MacEachern said that he and other social services ministers
will meet next week to work on a national child benefit proposal,
and will develop a range of child care program options. "Any
programming will depend upon the funding available from the
federal government, which, at this point, is still unclear," said
Mr. MacEachern. "What is clear is that the concerns of children
in poverty is a nationally recognized priority, and we are
absolutely committed to developing a work plan on child benefits
for presentation to the premiers in January."

The second priority identified by the ministers is support for
persons with disabilities. Federal funding through the Vocational
Rehabilitation for Disabled Persons program (VRDP), is "essential
to the continued provision of support to people with
disabilities," said Mr. MacEachern. "As part of the report to the
premiers in January, we will also be reviewing federal
- provincial programs to identify gaps and overlaps, to begin the
development of improving services to people with disabilities."

Mr. MacEachern spoke last month to a Parliamentary committee
reviewing programs for people with disabilities. He emphasized
the positive effects of the programs offered through the federal
- provincial cost-shared VRDP program.


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