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An innovative program offered by the University College of Cape
Breton was officially launched today with the formal signing of a
memorandum of understanding between UCCB and Department of the

Environment Minister Wayne Adams and UCCB president Dr. Jacquelyn
Scott formalized an agreement that will sustain the bachelor of
technology in environmental health degree developed by the

Recognizing the link between environment and health, the
provincial government brought together the Public Health
Inspection Branch of the Department of Health and the Department
of the Environment in 1994.

"We (the provincial government) believe that the connection
between health and the environment has to be a cornerstone of
environmental policy," said Mr. Adams during the signing. "Each
inspector in our department must be well versed in environmental

"UCCB has a well-deserved national reputation for being a leader
in environmental training," said Mr. Adams. "It is only natural
we would turn to UCCB as the partner to develop the education
programs needed by government and the private sector."

The BTech, Environmental Health degree is the first of its kind
in Atlantic Canada and one of only three in Canada. Courses
encompass environmental health law, to biological epidemiology,
industrial chemistry, risk assessment and public health

Successful completion of the program will prepare students for
national certification examinations by the Canadian Institute of
Public Health Inspectors. Certified public health inspectors
enjoy a challenging and rewarding career in an essential and
expanding field.

Dr. Scott said the institution is "grateful for the invaluable
resource and support of the Department of the Environment in the
development of the degree."

"UCCB is a leader in technology-based educational programs
related to the environment and in applied research in this
field," said Dr. Scott.

"We are very glad to be working with the environment and public
health services of the four Atlantic provinces to ensure that
they will be well-served by this career preparation program," she
said. "These graduates will also have exciting opportunities for
employment and entrepreneurship in the private sector."

The agreement calls for the secondment of selected staff from the
Department of Environment to UCCB, and requires the department
and university to share resources and contribute to the ongoing
currency of the curriculum.

"Graduates will have a degree that is in demand," said Mr. Adams.
"The public will have a faster and more comprehensive service;
industry will have a pool of experts that will help them keep
pace; and UCCB will have proven, yet again, that it is a leader
in environmental training."

The degree program design was approved by the Canadian Public
Health Inspectors certification group last spring and by the
Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission in June. The first
20 students began their classes this fall.


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