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Students and staff of L. E. Shaw Elementary School, Avonport,
will be back in class tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 2), after
renovations have improved the school inside and out. Extensive
work on the school's windows, roof and exterior was completed
over the summer to improve both the air quality and the exterior
of the school.

"I wish I could be there as the school opens and look forward to
visiting as soon as possible," said Education and Culture
Minister Robbie Harrison, who is meeting with education ministers
from across Canada in Newfoundland. "The entire community can be
proud of the school, thanks to these improvements."

The work was completed this summer as the first phase of a three
phase improvement project. New windows and a pitched roof were
installed, and new brick work was added. Next summer there will
be continued improvements to the electrical and ventilation

The school will undergo further renovations the following year,
as an older portion of the elementary school will be replaced
with a new gymnasium, library and cafeteria. The total cost for
all renovations is estimated at $2.7 million.

"I want to thank the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board for
its leadership, and project management that is allowing this work
to be done as quickly as possible," said Mr. Harrison. "It is
especially good to see the use of local contractors and suppliers
where possible."


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