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Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann released the Nova Scotia
Cultural Tourism discussion paper today, at the 1996 Tourism
Conference and Trade Show. The paper will result in a cultural
tourism strategy for the province based on the needs and
aspirations of all cultural tourism stakeholders.

The strategy for Tourism Nova Scotia identifies and describes
priorities for the development of cultural tourism in the
province, based on market potential and how ready the product is
to go to market. The success of the cultural tourism strategy
will rely largely upon the full participation of the tourism and
cultural communities of Nova Scotia.

"Cultural tourism has great potential as a niche market. Visitors
who look for cultural experiences stay in Nova Scotia longer,
spend more money, have higher education levels, and have higher
household incomes than the mass tourism market," said Mr. Mann.

A poll for Travel and Leisure magazine reports that in the
1980's, American travellers spent their money more freely. Not so
in the 1990's, the poll says. There has been a shift from
escapism to enrichment.

One source indicates that the single greatest motivator for
travel in the 1990's is "understanding culture" (88 per cent).
Half of the travellers interviewed said that "cultural,
historical or archaeological treasures" are important in planning
a trip.

The discussion paper is the work of a provincial
interdepartmental committee, representing eight agencies in five
departments, each involved in some aspect related to cultural
tourism. The committee invites written comments and
contributions, and appreciates public support in encouraging
cultural tourism in the province of Nova Scotia.

To receive your copy of the Nova Scotia Cultural Tourism
discussion paper, please contact:

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