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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, leading a seven day
agriculture and food trade mission to the Caribbean, is
encouraged by the results of initial meetings.

Discussions are currently taking place with government officials,
development agencies and representatives of local companies in

The objectives of the mission are to increase sales of Nova
Scotia agri-food products, encourage joint ventures of a
developmental nature and establish educational linkages for
agricultural technology transfer. Canada is an exporting nation
and Nova Scotia is well positioned to play an important role in
the world marketplace and to pursue ventures like this mission
has to offer, Mr. Brown said.

The long and friendly relationship Canada has enjoyed with
Barbados is quite evident in the discussions. "Nova Scotia
business persons can play an important role because of their
experience," said Dr. Lawson Nurse, executive director of the
Barbados Investment Development Corporation in his presentation
to the group. He also noted the respect and integrity each
country has for each other as an excellent foundation on which to

A cross-section of Nova Scotia agri-food company representatives
from nine businesses have had two busy days of meetings with the
Barbados agriculture and food sector, investigating the
possibility of workable business relationships.

Mr. Brown met with officials in Barbados including the Canadian
High Commissioner and the acting minister of agriculture and
staff, to promote what Nova Scotia has to offer.

Barbados representatives are being told about quality products,
companies interested in joint ventures and the potential for
partnership opportunities in research, education and development
with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and Department of
Agriculture and Marketing. One individual when told of Nova
Scotia's capability commented, "Where have you been for seven

The group leaves Wednesday to explore further opportunities in
Trinidad and Tobago.


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