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An innovative, cost efficient water treatment facility that will
end water quality problems for 1200 people was officially opened
today in Stewiacke by Environment Minister Wayne Adams.

"For the people of Stewiacke, it's the answer to their dreams of
a safe reliable source of drinking water. The fact that its been
achieved for far less money than conventional treatment is an
added bonus," said the minister.

The Right Water system is a Nova Scotia designed and built system
which uses air bubbles to force suspended particles out of the
water. It was designed by M.G. Environmental Equipment Ltd., of
Enfield. The system is specially designed for smaller communities
and can accommodate up to three thousand users. This first of its
kind facility will be a test bed for the technology, and a
showcase for potential customers in Nova Scotia and abroad. The
company is already in discussions with interested clients in the

The total cost of the new system is about $440,000. The Nova
Scotia Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs contributed
$160,000 of the cost. The Town of Stewiacke contribution was
$145,000, with the remainder coming from the Department of the
Environment and the company.

"The plant we are commissioning is a natural for the export
market," said Mr. Adams. He paid tribute to Mayor Ross Wickwire
and the people of the community for participating in a project
that will be a proving ground for home-grown environmental
technology. "These innovative technologies will bring us a
cleaner environment and jobs," said the minister.

The Nova Scotia Department of the Environment, through its
Environmental Industries and Technology Division, has been
instrumental in the development of the project. The department
will arrange for independent monitoring and enhancement of the
water quality produced by the new treatment system. M.G.
Environmental is confident enough in the technology that they
have offered to bill the town only after the system has
successfully completed each phase of its year long demonstration.
The department will measure the water quality applying tougher
standards that are only in the proposal stage.


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