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Better and more convenient access to government services is
coming to residents of the Dartmouth area when a new
multi-service centre, including a Registry of Motor Vehicles,
opens early next year in the city, Business and Consumer Services
Minister Sandy Jolly announced today.

"The Dartmouth area has grown considerably over the past number
of years, but access to government services for its residents has
not kept pace," Ms. Jolly said. "To rectify this, the Department
of Business and Consumer Services is establishing a multi-service
facility in Dartmouth, which is home to approximately 10 per cent
of Nova Scotians. In addition to the Registry of Motor Vehicles,
the centre will consolidate services of Consumer and Commercial
Relations, government information and navigation services and
Registry of Joint Stock Companies services."

The RMV will offer full licensing and registration services, for
which many Dartmouthians currently cross the bridge to Halifax to
receive. Consumer and Commercial Relations staff help Nova
Scotians with consumer complaints and inquiries, residential
tenancy issues (ie, disputes between landlords and tenants) and
debt counselling and management. Access Nova Scotia staff offer
information about government programs and services and help
individuals navigate their way through government. Access Nova
Scotia staff also provide access to many of the services of the
Registry of Joint Stock Companies.

"The Department of Business and Consumer Services intends to open
14 of these one-stop government service centres across Nova
Scotia over the next three to five years," Ms. Jolly said. A
similar centre will open in Kentville in early 1997.

"In both Kentville and Dartmouth, existing staff in the area will
be moving to a new facility," the minister said. "No jobs will be
lost in either community and government will not get any bigger.
We're simply using our existing financial and human resources to
deliver better and more convenient service to Nova Scotians."
Tenders will be called for office space in Dartmouth within the
next few weeks, with the opening planned for the spring of 1997.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles office on Young Street, Halifax,
will be closing in 1997 as the landlord is not renewing the
lease. With some RMV staff moving to Dartmouth, a smaller
facility will be leased to serve Halifax area residents.

The Department of Business and Consumer Services was created in
April 1996 to provide Nova Scotians with improved access to the
services and programs most commonly needed by the public. The
department is home to the following divisions: Registry of Motor
Vehicles, Consumer and Commercial Relations, Financial
Institutions, Nova Scotia Government Bookstore, Public Enquiries,
Provincial Tax Commission, Registry of Joint Stock Companies,
Vital Statistics and Access Nova Scotia.


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