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Shelburne Marine will re-open as a working shipyard.

The provincial government has reached an agreement with Steel &
Engine Products Limited of Liverpool, to operate Shelburne Marine
as a ship repair/fabrication facility.

The announcement was made today in Shelburne by Human Resources
Minister Allister Surette, chair of Team South West, and MLA
Clifford Huskilson, representing Economic Renewal Minister Richie

Steel & Engine Products Limited, an Irving company, will lease
the shipyard from the government for five years. The lease is
renewable and the company has the option to purchase the yard at
any time.

The government will invest $500,000 into the shipyard for capital
improvements and environmental clean-up. The funding will ensure
the yard meets safety standards and operating codes. Steel &
Engine will be responsible for any additional improvements, as
well as all operating costs.

Mr. Surette said: "I know that the closure of the shipyard has
been very hard on the people of Shelburne. I'm very pleased that
an agreement has been reached that will see this excellent
workforce back in business." He said that Team South West has
worked hard to find solutions in Shelburne County, and that this
is an encouraging result.

"The Economic Renewal Agency has spent significant time and
effort to reach this point," said Mr. Huskilson. "Staff fielded a
lot of inquiries and negotiated with several prospective buyers.
We are confident that this is the best possible deal, with
Shelburne's long-term interests in mind."

The first order of business will be to get the shipyard into
shape, with work on capital improvements and the clean-up
operations likely to begin within a few weeks, meaning immediate
jobs for local workers.

The shipyard should be ready for its first orders in the spring.

Shelburne Marine complements Steel & Engine's multi-purpose
operation in Liverpool. Shelburne has twice the haul-out capacity
of Liverpool, allowing it to handle much larger ships.

Demand for fabrication facilities is expected to increase over
the next few years with the development of the Sable Offshore
Energy Project.


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