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Annual Fleet passes will now be available for businesses whose
trucks regularly use the provincial ferry service operated by the
Department of Transportation and Public Works.

"We've talked to business and truckers in and around our ferry
locations across the province to develop this fleet pass system,"
said Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe. "We hope
it will ease the financial burden of truckers frequently using
our ferry service as a part of their business."

Annual passes for trucks weighing one tonne or more are $1,000.
Fleet passes, which will be available Jan. 1, will be sold to
businesses with two or more vehicles. The amount will be
prorated, based on the number of vehicles in the fleet. Annual
fleet passes for two vehicles will cost $1,200, while passes for
a fleet of 10 or more will cost $3,600. Following is a breakdown
of fleet pass fees: two vehicles, $1,200; three, $1,500; four,
$1,800; five, $2,100; six, $2,400; seven, $2,700; eight, $3,000;
nine, $3,300; 10 or more vehicles, $3,600.


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trp                       Dec. 30, 1996 - 3 p.m.