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The Department of Business and Consumer Services has been made
aware of an Ontario company offering information, for a fee,
about government loans and programs.

"The sales pitch, in the form of direct mail, promises
information on government loans or grants," said Business and
Consumer Services Minister Sandy Jolly. "What the public should
know is that the same information is available free from most
federal and provincial departments."

The company is offering a video and application information for
$240, which it promises to refund if the applicant is not
successful in obtaining a government grant or loan within 12

"There's no law to stop people from buying the service," said Ms.
Jolly. "We simply want to make sure that they know the
alternatives before they make a purchase."

One function of Business and Consumer Services is to offer
protection for consumers and promote fairness in the marketplace.
Nova Scotians who have questions about a business or a product or
service should contact the department at 902-424-5336 to inquire
if there have been previous complaints filed.


Contact: Louise MacDonald  902-424-0394

trp                      Jan. 8, 1997 - 10:10 a.m.