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The construction industry will soon operate under new rules.
Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Jim Smith today released
proposed changes to the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations for
public comment.

The major proposal contained in the regulations is to adopt the
1995 National Building Code. There are several minor amendments
proposed to clarify the intent of some aspects of the regulations
and others to remain consistent with the 1995 National Building
Code. Nova Scotia has adopted the National Building Code as the
basis for building code regulation in the province since 1987.

"We are in line with most other provinces and territories who are
adopting the 1995 national code this spring," said Dr. Smith.
"Nova Scotia is committed to adopting, national standards for the
design and construction of all buildings in the province with as
few changes as possible."

The first proposed amendment will require sprinklering,
interconnected smoke detectors, and emergency lighting in care
facilities, which are registered under provincial legislation for
the those requiring special care or treatment. This would apply
to a residential unit that houses up to 10 persons with
disabilities. Other types of small group homes will continue to
meet requirements as in the past.

The second proposed amendment, retains the 1990 National Building
Code requirements for horizontal and vertical clearances from
electric and gas ranges to combustible materials. The 1995
National Building Code adopted more restrictive regulations,
which are now under review in Ottawa for possible amendment.

"We did not want to introduce a change that may create
unnecessary difficulties in the home building industry until the
review has been completed nationally, said Dr. Smith.

The regulations are scheduled to become law April 15, 1997. The
public has until March 10 to make comments.

The proposed changes to the regulations have been reviewed by the
Nova Scotia Building Advisory Committee. Membership includes
representatives of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects, the
Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia, the
Construction Association of Nova Scotia, the Office of the Fire
Marshal, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, the Disabled
Persons Commission, the National Association for Women in
Construction, the Building Inspectors Association of Nova Scotia,
the Cape Breton Island Building and Trades Council, the
Carpenters' Union, and the Nova Scotia Home Builders.

Copies of the proposed regulations are available for review at
the offices of municipal clerks in each municipality in Nova
Scotia and from local libraries. Copies may be obtained from the
Nova Scotia Government Bookstore, One Government Place, 1700
Granville Street, Halifax. Further information can be obtained
from the building code coordinator, Department of Housing and
Municipal Affairs, at 902-424-8046.


Contact: Ted Ross  902-424-8046

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