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The spotlight fell on four of Nova Scotia's bright new business
stars today. Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann presented
awards of merit to young entrepreneurs from Cape Breton,
northeastern Nova Scotia, western Nova Scotia and Halifax.

The awards ceremony, held at the World Trade Centre in Halifax,
honoured outstanding achievement in student-run businesses that
used the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency's Youth
Entrepreneurial Skills (YES) program.

The YES program assists full-time students, aged 16-29, in
starting their own summer businesses. It offers loans through a
partnership between the Economic Renewal Agency and the Royal
Bank. Mr. Mann said the program has a remarkable track record.
Since its inception in 1984, YES has created 1,350 businesses,
through loans totalling $3 million. One-third of the students who
have used the program are still running their own business, and
about 97 per cent are currently employed.

"The YES program creates winners," said Mr. Mann. "These people
represent a dynamic future for Nova Scotians throughout the

This year's award winners were Mike McMullen of Dutch Brook, Cape
Breton County; Beckie Stephens, Brookfield, Colchester County;
Stephen O'Neill, Halifax; and Bennett Blades, Jordan Falls,
Shelburne County.

Applications for the 1997 YES program are available through the
ERA's Business Service Centres throughout the province, or by
calling 1-800-565-2009. The deadline for applications is May 30.


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