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Efforts to open export opportunities for Nova Scotia-built boats
may soon start paying dividends, Nova Scotia Fisheries Minister
Jim Barkhouse said today.

Following a series of trade missions and other initiatives to tap
into new markets for fishing boats, the prospects look promising
and could generate upward of $30 million by the turn of the
century, he said.

While the industry continues to supply a domestic fishery-based
market, it has moved beyond the provincial scope into markets
abroad, the minister said.

"We have been working with Nova Scotia boatbuilders to pursue the
next steps in bringing new business to Nova Scotia."

Mr. Barkhouse and Human Resources Minister Allister Surette, will
lead a government-industry trade mission to Morocco Feb. 17 - 21
to investigate opportunities for joint ventures in fishing
vessels and technology transfer projects. While in Morocco, the
Nova Scotia delegates will meet with government officials, boat
owners, fishermen and fisheries organizations.

"The industry in southwestern Nova Scotia and across the province
has been adept at combining the latest shipbuilding techniques
with an understanding of the needs of the commercial fishing
industry," said Mr. Surette, chair of Team South West. "The fact
that Nova Scotia has a large francophone population has also
played a role in attracting business from Morocco. We share the
same language and the same commitment to our heritage and

Halifax Shipyards, Martine Marie Fisheries, Pubnico; A.F.
Theriault and Son, Meteghan; and Dixon's Shipyards, Woods
Harbour, are representing industry.

"We believe there is tremendous potential to sell Nova
Scotia-built boats to Morocco, and we are working with government
and other boatbuilders to tap into this new market," Gary Dixon,
of Dixon's Shipyards.

Morocco is building a domestic fleet to replace large foreign
trawlers harvesting fish resources off the coast of the northwest
African country. Interested in purchasing mid-sized, fibreglass
vessels, the Moroccans are attracted by Nova Scotia's track
record for producing reliable, efficient, sea-worthy boats.

Mr. Barkhouse said Nova Scotia is aggressively pursuing the
growing global market for ocean-going vessels. "This is an
opportunity that could be worth millions of dollars to our
economy, and we are going after markets in the Caribbean, U.S.,
and Europe, in addition to those in North Africa."

He said that the evolution of boatbuilding in Nova Scotia
parallels a focus toward increased diversification currently
occurring in the fishing industry.

"Like the fishery, boatbuilding is changing as it diversifies,
adopting new technology and new designs, and exploring new
opportunities for increased business," Mr. Barkhouse said.


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