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The Nova Scotia and federal governments signed agreements in
Halifax today to extend the Canada-Nova Scotia Infrastructure
Works Program for another year, until March 31, 1998.

Nova Scotia is the second province to extend the program. Under
the extension, this year $42 million will be spent on local
infrastructure across the province. It is expected that 670 new
jobs will be created. The three levels of government share the
costs of projects equally.

Treasury Board President Marcel Masse, who is also Minister
Responsible for Infrastructure; Health Minister David C.
Dingwall, on behalf of Lawrence MacAulay, Secretary of State for
ACOA; Nova Scotia Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Jim
Smith; provincial Finance Minister Bill Gillis, and Steven
Stoddart, President of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities
all participated in the signing.

Nova Scotia received $68.85 million in federal funds from the
current federal-provincial Infrastructure Works Program. "This
agreement signed today provides for two things that our local
communities need: the chance to rebuild core services and focus
on areas of high unemployment," said Dr. Smith.

Dr. Gillis added that, "This is one way government grows the
economy. Building up local services is a key factor in attracting
business and jobs to Nova Scotia."

Mr. Masse said experience over the past three years shows that
the infrastructure program works.

"During the program's first phase, with our provincial and local
community partners, we created about 4,200 jobs in Nova Scotia.
An additional 670 jobs will be created in the province as a
result of the extension. This program demonstrates that when all
levels of government cooperate, everyone wins."

Mr. Dingwall said through three-way co-operation there will be
more than $42 million in additional new investments in Nova
Scotia infrastructure in 1997.

Mr. Stoddart said the program will continue to benefit both urban
and rural communities by addressing their immediate priorities as
determined at the local level.

The success of the program during the first three years
encouraged the federal government to contribute an additional
$425 million for 1997. This is part of an overall government
strategy of using infrastructure improvement to enhance the
competitiveness of Canada's communities and to stimulate
employment. Under the extended Canada Infrastructure Works
Program, the municipalities retain the ability to invest in the
projects that meet their priorities.


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