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Agriculture and Marketing Minister Guy Brown, is pleased with
Nova Scotia farmers' participation in the Net Income
Stabilization Account (NISA) program.

In response to his department's new programming and an education
and promotion campaign, 994 Nova Scotia farmers contributed to
NISA accounts in 1996. This is a 190 per cent increase in
participation from the 1995 level of 342 farms. Nova Scotia now
has the highest number of farmers enrolled in NISA of any
province in Atlantic Canada.

"We set a target to increase our province's participation rate by
150 per cent by 1997 and Nova Scotian farmers have really
responded to the initiative and surpassed our expectations," Mr.
Brown said. "The NISA program is a cornerstone of our provincial
safety net strategy for agriculture and we are glad to see so
many of our farmers making use of it. At the same time, there are
many more out there who we would still like to see sign up."

This enhanced national stabilization program is established
through an agreement by the federal and provincial agriculture
ministers. Nova Scotia farmers can deposit up to 4 per cent of
their eligible net sales each year into their own NISA account,
and the federal and provincial governments together make matching
deposits. They can then withdraw funds from the account in years
of low income which helps to stabilize their situation.

In 1996, producers deposited more than $1.7 million to their NISA
accounts, attracting matching federal-provincial funds to make a
total of over $3.4 million in new income stabilization funds
available to Nova Scotia farmers. This brings the total NISA
funds for Nova Scotia to just over $6.3 million.

"I am very pleased with the producer response to this program and
I want to congratulate our department staff who worked so hard to
get the information out to farmers," said Mr. Brown.

In addition to the department's promotion and education efforts,
Nova Scotia is also spearheading a "mixed farm pilot project" to
help boost participation. And in December, Mr. Brown announced
the province's Deposit Assistance Program for Beef which is
providing $400,000 to help farmers in this sector gain access to
the benefits of the NISA program.


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