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The Province of Nova Scotia today filed its evidence to the Joint
Review Panel on the Sable Offshore Energy Project and the
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Project.

"The main thrust of our evidence is to ensure that the positive
effects of the project are maximized for Nova Scotians," said
Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie. "From the offset it
has been our objective to make this a Nova Scotia-first project."

The province is seeking point-to-point tolling in order to
reflect the fact that the cost of transporting gas is directly
related to the distance the gas must be moved. Tolls are
essentially the rates associated with transporting the gas on the

The pipeline proponent is seeking a "postage stamp" rate - the
same toll whether the gas is moved one kilometre or 558
kilometres. "We feel strongly that customers close to the point
of production should pay a lower toll than those who are further
along the pipeline," the minister said.

The province, in its evidence, is also indicating its intention
to regulate laterals off the main pipeline, similar to what is
done in other provinces.

The evidence also deals with future use of natural gas within the
province, and the availability of gas for Nova Scotians at
competitive prices.

Mrs. Norrie said the province strongly endorses the joint public
review process "and, we are confident that the process will
result in a thorough, transparent and open review of the

She said the province also wants to ensure that the project is
carried out in a manner that protects the safety of workers,
minimizes any environmental impacts, maximizes resource recovery,
and promotes employment and benefits for Nova Scotians.


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