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A proposal to pipe Nova Scotia offshore gas to Boston via Quebec
"comes too late and could very well delay the Sable project,"
Premier John Savage said today.

"This is the second such pipeline announcement by Gaz
Metropolitan and TransCanada Pipelines in the past 12 months.
They've had a year to prepare a formal development plan. But they
haven't done that. Now they're back again, just weeks before the
joint review panel hearings are to begin and asking for delays.
Delays are certainly not in the best interests of Nova Scotians
and won't be tolerated."

Premier Savage said Gaz Metropolitan is attempting to gain a
bigger slice of the Canadian gas distribution business. It is
being supported by the Government of Quebec, a major shareholder
in Gaz Metropolitan.

"The Quebec government wants Quebecers to profit from a Nova
Scotia resource even if it means the project is delayed. That's
not in the best interest of Nova Scotia. Our goal is to ensure
that Nova Scotia receive optimum benefits for its gas. That won't
be possible if the Sable project is delayed."

The premier said the companies have announced they intend to file
a formal application by the end of the summer.

"That seems to be overly optimistic. Their project still faces a
significant number of obstacles, including receiving
environmental approvals, some of which can take 12 to 18 months
to obtain."

"This eleventh hour interest in Sable is all about delaying the
project. That's all that they're doing. It's an attempt to
destabilize and delay the Sable project by introducing a second
pipeline proposal just as formal Sable regulatory hearings are to
begin. A delay would give them time to get their act together."

The premier said Nova Scotia is adamant that there be no delays
in the Sable Offshore Energy Project. Maritimes and Northeast
Pipelines is the only company to have an actual plan before the
review panel.

"Companies who wanted to be part of the Sable project should have
been in the game much earlier. They should have put their plans
and their money up front. There is only one real pipeline
proposal on the table, the one filed by Maritimes and Northeast

The premier said in filing for the onshore pipeline part of the
Sable project, Maritimes and Northeast is, at the very least, a
year ahead of Gaz Metropolitan and TransCanada Pipelines.

"Maritimes and Northeast has taken the necessary steps in the 
approval process. They have consulted extensively with
government. Public meetings have been held, landowners consulted
and detailed plans filed with the regulatory panel."

"If other companies, including Gaz Metropolitan, were really
serious about meeting the timetable for the Sable gas project,
they would have filed their plans long before this. We can only
conclude that talk of additional pipeline proposals is just that,
talk. Or perhaps its just the case of two companies attempting to
derail the plans of another."


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