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Applications for the Nova Scotia government's Direct Assistance
Program (DAP) are now available, Business and Consumer Service
Minister Sandy Jolly said today.

The program, which was announced last December, is targeted to
individuals who do not earn enough money to benefit from the
personal income tax deductions announced last year. Eligibility
is based on the previous year's net income.

To qualify, applicants must be 19 years of age or over and must
have a net income of below $9,500 for individuals or $16,500 for
families. The Income Tax Assessment, a confirmation issued by
Revenue Canada after an individual's income tax return is
processed, must be included with the application. The annual
rebate amount is $90 per individual or $125 per family and will
be paid once a year, in the spring or fall.

It is estimated that 77,000 Nova Scotians, 20,000 of them
seniors, will be eligible for the program.

Rebates are not available to people who have been in receipt of
social assistance for more than three months of the previous year
nor to students who have attended school for more than four
months of the previous year. People supported by the province in
long-term care facilities are also ineligible.

"Most working Nova Scotians will benefit from the 3.4 per cent
income tax reduction and will see their take home pay increase,"
Ms. Jolly said. "The Direct Assistance Program is designed to
benefit those Nova Scotians whose incomes are so low that they
pay no income tax."

"We want to ensure that as many Nova Scotians as possible benefit
from the tax reforms our government is implementing."

Application forms are now available throughout the province. They
may be picked up at Access Nova Scotia offices in Bridgewater,
Kentville, Truro, Sydney and Yarmouth or in metro Halifax at
Business and Consumer Services reception desk, 9 South, Maritime
Centre, 1505 Barrington Street. For more information or to
receive a form by mail, phone toll-free 1-800-787-0889.

The minister said next year's income tax packages from Revenue
Canada will include application forms for the DAP.


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